A Cambodian poll was conducted by the International Republican Institute from July 31 through August 26, 2009 to obtain primary data on the thoughts and opinions of the Cambodian citizenry.  The poll was released on February 2, 2010. View full slides>>

Is the Country Moving in the Right/Wrong Direction?

  • 79% of Cambodians said the country was moving in the right direction, mainly because of the infrastructure, including roads, schools, health clinics, pagodas etc.
  • 20% see the country as moving in the wrong direction, citing the corruption, price of goods, and poverty as the greatest obstacle to their country’s future.

For each topic, please tell me if you want political parties to spend more time, the same amount of time, or less discussing it.

  • 93% of Cambodians said they wanted political parties to spend more time discussing “how to improve government services such as education and health”, and 88% wanted them to spend more time addressing the issue of corruption.  In addition, 86% wanted to hear more about job creation and the economy and how to lower food prices and 83% wanted to hear more about development projects.

Are you and your family richer, the same or poorer than one year ago?

  • 39% said they were poorer than a year ago while 36% said they were the same.

One year in the future, do you think you and your family will be richer, the same or poorer than now?

  • 40% thought they would be richer while 32% thought they would be the same.

Source:  IRI