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Secrets of Angkor

In conjunction with the July cover story of National Geographic Magazine, get a comprehensive look at Angkor and the new evidence: remains f outlying settlements, at least 74 additional temples and a vital, complex water system.

In its July 2009 issue, the National Geographic magazine will feature Angkor Wat, including a supplemental map depicting the rise and fall of Angkor Wat. The Secrets of Angkor will be aired on the National Geographic Channel on July 14 @9pm.

Divining Angkor
By Richard Stone

Angkor’s end is a sobering lesson in the limits of human ingenuity. The Khmer had transformed their world – a monumental investment that would have been excruciating for the kingdom’s rulers to forsake. “Angkor’s hydraulic system was an amazing machine, a wonderful mechanism for regulating the world.” Fletcher says. Its engineers managed to keep the civilization’s signal achievement running for six centuries – until, in the end, a greater force overwhelmed them. View full story>>>

“Angkor’s hydraulic system was an amazing machine, a wonderful mechanism for regulating the world.” Roland Fletcher

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