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Ministry should review all songs before release

Letter to the editor
The Phnom Penh Post
Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Editor,

I strongly support the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts in banning rude or obscene songs [“Ministry bans ‘obscene’ songs to save traditions”, in the March 18 edition of The Phnom Penh Post].

As I have observed, many Cambodians prefer to use foul language as a typical way of joking to entertain themselves and people around them. With that, some artists and comedians have intended to compose songs and jokes in an obscene way because they know people like those words and often imitate them for fun.  One of the songs to be banned was composed by this comedian and has been heard at ceremonies and resung by many at weddings.  Sometimes, he even relates his composed stories with obscenities to some Buddhism practices as a joke, which is unacceptable religiously and culturally.

Finally, I strongly urge those artists and comedians to be responsible for their own acts and act appropriately to contribute to the society in a positive way.  I also recommend that all songs and comedies be reviewed by the ministry before being released for the public.  Being Cambodians, we should be doing well enough to protect our own cultural identity.


Phnom Penh

Source:  The Phnom Penh Post


  1. Good article to protect our tradition!

  2. Hi friend, I do support your ideas though dont read throughjust only article but it is meaningfull to support you.

    Cheers, Kim Heang

  3. I support all of your idea, welcome from

  4. Yes, I agree with your idea. Especially, i oppose comedians who like to use impolite words that affect Cambodian culture and sometimes young girls and boys follow them as well. Ministry of Information and Culture have important role to control local TV channels.

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