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Survey of Cambodian Public Opinion

A Cambodian post election poll was conducted by the International Republican Institute (IRI) in November 2008 to obtain primary data on the thoughts and opinions of the Cambodian citizenry concerning current political, social and economic issues. The poll was released on February 17, 2009. Find out how our Cambodians responded to the country’s direction. View the Poll slides >>

A few poll highlights by topic:

Is the Country Moving in the Right/Wrong Direction?

  • 82% of Cambodians see their country as moving in the right direction, mainly because of the infrastructure they see being built, including roads, schools, health clinics, pagodas etc.
  • 17% see the country as moving in the wrong direction, citing the corruption, price of goods, and poverty as the greatest hindrance to their country’s future.

What three issues or concerns do you feel most impact Cambodia as a country?

  • 59% of Cambodians said border issues and demarcation as the most concern followed by the prices of goods. (Compared to August 2007 poll, only 5% concerned about border issue – mainly Vietnamese border).

What differences do you see between the major parties that competed in National Assembly elections?

  • More than half of the population see no differences (33%) or don’t know the differences (22%). 17% see the differences in power, size, and influence. However, only 4% responded that the differences are the issues political parties talk about

Did you vote during National Assembly elections in July?

  • 88% of the respondents said they voted (NEC result is 82%)
  • 36% of the respondents who did not vote said their names were not on the voter list.

Which one of these has the stronger influence in your daily life?

  • Village chief (41%), Prime Minister (28%), Commune Council (14%), National Assembly (5%)

Source: IRI


  1. People see no key differences in political parties in the democratic society. That’s really amazing.

  2. I agree with the overall highlights. Politics hasn’t changed much, yet i feel the trend in trade is going up, according to news. More laws and regs governing commercial dispute resolution are being adopted and that to me will bring in more foreign investors.

  3. It is very nice that you have the whole text. i like it very much and hope to read more of the research result.
    best wishes to you.

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