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Hun Sen’s War on Land Grabbers Will Benefit Poor, Restore Trust

Hun Sen’s War on Land Grabbers Will Benefit Poor, Restore Trust
Letter to the Editor
The Cambodia Daily
Thursday, March 8, 2007

I welcome Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen’s very proactive stance in resolving the notorious land grabbing controversy, (“This is War, Hun Sen Tells Land Grabbers,” Tuesday, page 1).

Firing a general would certainly constitute an effective response to our current situation and would send a clear warning to other land grabbers. Such a measure will be triumphantly celebrated once it has been carried out. I really hope that the public will have access to information about such firings.

I strongly appeal to Hun Sen and the influential CPP Central Committee to take firm measures against affluent and powerful individuals who have abused the poor by grabbing their land. This would have restore poverty, as it is outlined in the government’s agenda.

Vong Socheata,
Phnom Penh

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  1. It looks like the war against land grabbers is as ineffective as the wars against Karaoke and illegal logging the Prime Minister declared years ago.

    We need more than just words from the leaders to lead the country to the path of rule of law, full-fledged democracy, economi growth and equity.

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