Government at Fault for Low Graft Index Ranking
Letter to the Editor
The Cambodia Daily
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That Cambodia ranked 151st out of 163 countries in Transparency International’s global perceptions of corruption index was very sad but unsurprising news to me, “Cambodia Falls Near Bottom of Graft Index,” (Wednesday, page 1.)

The Cambodian government may have reason to be skeptical of this report. However, I completely disagree with government officials who downplayed this assessment when our credibility and image in the international arena are at stake.

Instead of claiming that the index is politically biased, our government should attribute this finding to its own failure and lack of political will to curb corruption.

Cambodia should be more cautious of how it is viewed by the outside world. Needless to say, corruption will be factored in to foreign decisions to invest on our soil. In this way, corruption affects the Cambodian people and everyone pays.

Vong Socheata,
Phnom Penh